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Emergency Financial Assistance 

An innovative project to inspire our emergency financial assistance clients to become economically self-sufficient.

A strategy designed to stabilize households experiencing a financial crisis and encourage families to build financial resilience for the future.

Financial Coaching

It all starts with a Budget.  We guide clients through the steps to create a realistic household budget and discuss expenses and income.


An unbalanced budget indicates financial problems and solutions are suggested.



Phase 1, 2, 3

When the immediate financial crisis is stabilized and the household budget is balanced, families are eligible to move into the Three-Phase CHOICES Incentive Project.

Phase 1 encourages short-term changes in financial management behavior; Phase 2 moves those changes into long-term positive financial habits and provides avenues to improve financial literacy; Phase 3 helps households build financial assets to address emergencies and save for future goals.

Action Plans

At this point, it's time to take action to stabilize the household's financial picture.  Emergency financial assistance or referrals to specific resources may be offered to help the family through an immediate financial crisis.

Short -term goals with action steps for the client to complete are written down on an action plan, which the client takes away with them.

& Support

Throughout the clients' participation, case management support, coaching, & resource referral is provided to motivate clients to succeed.  Regular follow-up contact provides opportunities to assess progress, celebrate achievements, and address barriers.  

A financial incentive award for each of the 3 phases of CHOICES provides further motivation for clients to continue the process of reaching financial security. ​


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